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Grease Trap Cleaning Services in Nashville

The Health Departments in Nashville demands that all commercial restaurants clean their grease traps regularly. Restaurants that take this cleaning for granted may be faced with permanent closure or could lose their operating licenses. The consequence of non-compliance is grave and should be enough to force you to clean your trap. However, there is a deeper reason for you to want to hire Nashville Grease Trap Professionals to do your cleaning. For one, City officials not only require regular cleaning but need this cleaning to be performed according to schedule. These regulations may sound harsh and unnecessary, but in this article, we will explain why they are so important.

Before we get into the importance of regular grease trap cleaning, let’s consider some of the factors that influence the frequency of your maintenance. These factors include: 

  • The amount of greasy food you cook in your restaurant 
  • The number of customers you serve daily 
  • The size of your business 
  • The type of oil you use for cooking
  • The quality of the water in the area 

Nashville Grease Trap Services is fully aware of these five factors and considers them before providing a quote for our service. We always put our clients first, so when you team up with us, you can be assured that your needs are our priority. Our company takes grease disposal very seriously and always follow the guidelines set out by the EPA to ensure that your business is still on the safe side of the law. If unexpected issues arise, such as overflows that require emergency after-hours pumping, you can count on us to fix the problem. Our team is dedicated to providing the best grease trap pumping services in Nashville. Once you work with us, you’ll never be the same.

Why grease trap cleaning is so essential

FOG is one of the most dangerous contaminants that should never find its way to the City Sewage System. If this happens, the entire neighborhood will suffer a massive problem, including clogging and back-ups. This is why grease trap cleaning is essential. Grease traps work to trap this FOG before it can make its way to the sewer system. Nashville Grease Trap Services has a fleet of high-tech pumps that pump out this waste, let it cool, and dispose of it in the best way possible. In some rare cases, your brown grease can be recycled to be used as biofuel.

There are a lot of advantages of sticking to a schedule of regular grease pumping such as: 

  • The confidence of knowing that all your grease was disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner. 
  • Being able to continue business operations without fear of penalties from the Health Department
  • Enjoying a waste discharge system that runs smoothly and is free from blockage
  • The chance to make the eco-friendly decision to recycle your waste
  • Being able to contribute to a safe environment free from pathogens and fungi 

Nashville Grease Trap Services has been working with restaurant owners in the area for more than a decade. We have accumulated a lot of experience in our years of service and use this experience to your benefit. Unlike our competitors who are not residents, we have deep feelings for our beloved City and are proud to do our part in keeping it safe and clean. This is why shortcuts are never an option, and we always follow approved procedures of grease cleaning and disposal. Our dedication to safety gives you the confidence that your business will never be forced to pay penalties or suffer any other issues.

Due to the evolving nature of grease trap regulation, our team always keeps up-to-speed with the latest acceptable grease disposal methods. With your needs and wellbeing as our priority, we prefer not to use local recycling processing units that result in high taxing on your business. 

Other companies are fond of using bacterial treatments as a shortcut to traditional pumping, but we don’t’ follow the trend. Our company is dedicated to quality, so taking shortcuts is out of the question. 

What sets us apart from our competition?

One thing: we go above and beyond in providing grease trap cleaning services. 

We have developed close relationships with the restaurant owners in the City, which gives us a sense of loyalty to our clients. Because of this loyalty, our work is more than a means to make money, and we are proud of the vital role we play in our clients’ success. Strict compliance with local authorizes always been our trademark, and none of our clients are disappointed when they work with us.

This high-quality service has earned us a good reputation that we treasure. We will never do anything that will harm our reputation so that you can be assured of the best service every time. When you partner with our team, we work hard to earn your trust and build a lasting relationship. 

Our team always has your interests at heart and will do their part in ensuring that you never deal with fines or penalties, which also hurt us. We take pride in your success. Complete the form below or call us at 615-510-1980.



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